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Bangor Students' Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012
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Bangor Students' Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012

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I have had an interest in the environment for a long time now. Having benefited from modern digital recording technology, I'm even luckier that I am able to keep a record of my walks/hikes. I am extremely lucky to be living in two places that offer a stunning natural beauty. I am currently in university in Bangor, North Wales. Surrounded by the unstaged dramatic elements of Snowdonia national Park and my home is in South Wales near the Brecon Beacons national park. I understand that not everyone in this world is as geographically lucky as me. And for that I am grateful.
My love for environmental videography has seen the start of its early career as I am lucky enough to have the chance to contribute and be a part of the Walter Reed National Military Medical center in Bethesda, USA. The project offers an element of 'Visual Therapy' to wounded soldiers and is designed to distract their minds away from painful treatment. It has been scientifically proven to reduce pain in the brain. Using the environment around me as a medicine for people over a thousand miles away is a great reminder of how we should always cherish the environment we have around us today and not tie ourselves down by condemning it's future.
We currently live in a time where the environment is strong and present. Maybe people in a 100 years won't be so lucky. That's why we shouldn't use our time condemning the future of our beautiful environment. As musician Tom Lehrer once said, "Bad weather always looks worse through a window" This is a quote we can all live by and certainly this a quote that drives me to document the environment around me.
Quotes are great tools for anyone making a film about the environment that hasn't got the budget to hire a presenter or a voiceover artist. They bring the sequence of moving images to life by giving them meaning and a story. The quote by Confucius. "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Was the perfect quote to use in this short video. It gave the whole sequence a meaning in those few frames. Making this short video has been a great way for me to re-live all my experiences in the forests and hills of Wales. Thank you for taking the time to watch it.

Student - Osian Williams

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