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University of Bradford Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012
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University of Bradford Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012

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IPledge was an event designed, organised and run by a group of University of Bradford students to highlight the dangers of climate change and encourage fellow students to make simple changes.  This iPledge film was made exclusively by students using footage taken on one day in November. The event was held in our newly refurbished Students’ Union building and whilst it was student led it was fully supported by the University of Bradford Union.
During this iPledge event there was a free film screening of ‘The Age of Stupid’, petitions encouraging local and national organisations to be more green, stalls run by local groups focusing on climate change and recycling, stalls selling recycled goods, organic cakes and charities with environmentally focused aims. The publicity for this event was not only done on zero budget, but with climate change and the environment in mind, so no posters were printed.  Everything was on word of mouth or resourced using methods already available. For the event itself over 2,000 students passed through the fayre and took part in one or more of the activities. Alongside these activities, the students who organised the event filmed and documented all the interactions and activity and set up a designated voxpops booth where people could say what they ‘pledge’ to do to help the environment.  The iPledge video submission shows just some of these commitments to change.
Once the event was completed, the student group worked with the University of Bradford Union, so that although the students would no longer be around, the idea of iPledge and the event could continue and evolve year on year. The Union felt very strongly that this student led work should be recognised and that it should be submitted to The Ecologist Communications Challenge Award.  The Union therefore worked with one of the students who made the original film and they re-edited into the video you see in this submission.
The video contains self composed music, and self shot footage by the student. The background footage was originally projected in an ‘outdoors-indoors’ art installation as part of the iPledge event with the moving text depicting the messages of the students, also featured in the video. All the students featured in the video came and without prompt or script, pledged their efforts to change the climate, again cementing the idea of organic growth.
“The thing that makes this video and this event so unique is the organic nature in which it was created, grew, and later flourished into not only one event, but a model of an annual event that can be translated onto any establishment across the nation”
-    Rachelle Hunt, Film maker and Media Student, University of Bradford.

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