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Northumbria Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012
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Northumbria Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012

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At Northumbria Students’ Union we take climate change seriously, concerned by  the carbon emissions caused by student car use, we embarked on a Greener Travel campaign, especially focused on discouraging single occupancy vehicle use.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of sustainable travel, encourage behaviour change and travel habits of students by outlining the ease and benefits of greener travel methods, focusing on positive, fun messages and easy lifestyle changes.

We wanted to focus on encouraging all students to choose greener travel options, taking into account the many benefits of greener travel such as speed, cost, fitness and convenience  as well as the environmental impact of carbon reduction.

Northumbria Students’ Union’s student led TV station, NU:TV, scripted a tongue in cheek, superhero themed film, outlining the many benefits of greener travel, highlighting the benefits of bus use, car sharing and cycling also.

The original film ran to over three minutes, so the decision was made to focus on the issue of greener travel being quicker and easier than driving, with the green message added subtly.

When this film was scripted, it was decided to focus on highlighting the benefits of bus travel and jogging/running over using a single occupancy vehicle (car).

We decided to style this film in a comic book style, and use a split screen effect, to deliver the story and the key greener travel message within the one minute timeframe.

The film follows an everyday morning of two student superheroes named Green Impact and Captain CO2, showing how their differing mission successes are influenced by their travel choices.

The film shows the benefits of  ‘Green Impact’ beating traffic jams in bus only lanes and being able to pick up her mobile phone freely while ‘Captain CO2’ is stuck in traffic jams unable to use his phone, to illustrate some of the additional benefits of greener travel as well as the positive environmental impact.

The main aim of the film is to quickly illustrate the benefits and ease of greener travel in a fun and engaging way, demonstrating to students that travelling greener really can save the day …and the planet!

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Voting closes 4pm Friday 2nd March, 2012.


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