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Staffordshire University Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012
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Staffordshire University Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012

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Our entry video features three sabbatical student officers outside the student union bar on a club night. The video blog describes what the officers and student volunteers have been doing on the club night which is picking up litter from a street below. This was a one off event following complaints from local residents. The student union sees that it has a responsibility in the local area to promote a respectful attitude to the local area. Littering is unsightly and destructive to biodiversity. The area which is very badly affected by littering is the main road between the private student housing and the university. We have a lot of reports from local residents that students are the main culprits of the littering. This situation is particularly bad on a club night, where students will throw empty drinks bottles and cans into the hedges at the side of the road before they get to the students’ union bar. On the night of action, we borrowed about 30 litter pickers from the local council and recruited student volunteers to help us collect litter from the pavement and undergrowth.

This went on for two hours between 10pm and 12am. The fact we did it late at night meant that we could speak to a constant stream of students who were on their way to the Student Union bar. Hopefully talking to these students who could have possibly been the culprits will have been more effective than just putting up posters. This video was posted to the students’ union Facebook and YouTube account, so students who were not present to see the event could see it afterwards. The video was made by Jamie Robertson, the SU President and volunteer on the night. It features Emma Harris, the Commercial Services Officer and Vic Casambros, the Communications Officer. We felt it was important for the sabbatical officers to take a high profile in this campaign

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