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Film Oxford: Video Activists course

A 2-day workshop for grassroot protestors and NGO workers, to learn skills in using video to support your campaigns

The purpose of the course is to show how easy it can be for you to make videos for your group and upload them to the web, cutting costs in commissioning films, and allowing protestors to gain wider audiences of their actions and be there as a visual witness.

Over the two days we will practise how to film different shots, how to get good audio and how to film events, marches, occupations and banner drops. We will discuss how to stay safe and what equipment to use in low budget scenarios.

Learn the basics of editing and uploading to the web, and how and where to get your footage seen and used to support the campaigns you work for. We will offer support as you tackle your first media projects.

This is a level 1, entry level course from which you will gain a basic understanding of filming and editing, giving you the skills and confidence to have a go at making a basic film for your group.

This course is highly subsidized by a grant from LUSH.


Zoe Broughton is an award-winning filmmaker with twenty years experience of covering direct action and filming for charity groups. She has won The British Environmental Media Award ‘Scoop of the Year', the International Brigitte Bardot Genesis Award in Hollywood and the EarthVision Environmental Film and Video Competition in Santa Cruz.

She recently made a film about the Tar Sands in Nothern Canada called Taking on Tarmageddon.

She has worked on films that have been used to allow Young Carers to voice their needs, educate people on HIV/AIDS, and to build community cohesion in a disadvantaged area. Her undercover footage inside battery chicken farms was sent to every MEP to encourage them to vote to phase out the battery system which they did.

Her film It's A Dog's Life filmed inside Europe's largest animal testing company instigated a full Home Office Enquiry, caused a dramatic share price drop and secured two prosecutions for animal cruelty.

She has also worked in the mainstream media such as a camerawoman for the BBC and for Reuters Business News.

2 Days, 10am - 5pm

Date 25th and 26th November

PLACES AVAILABLE but limited number


£75 Full price

£40 benefit place (Jsa, Esa, Housing benfits, Council Tax Benfits, pension credit (guarantee), asylum seeker, unwaged dependent of someone on these benefits)



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